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#772504 - 09/12/16 09:36 AM I have wrongfully been rendered homeless
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My attorney did not submit (claims she “forgot”)an income and expense declaration with my dvro, and as a result, i am without money to support self for several months and am now homeless every other week as a disabled mother, unable to work. I was dependent on my husband financially 100% and he makes a 6 figure income while i get less than $900 a month i. Social Security disability, which he has made sure i use to pay bills and my car so it wont get repod, since he stopped paying for it and i still care for.our children when i am home. I am disabled, unable to work and filed for divorce due to sexual assault and numerous forms of abuse during the marriage including severe physchological abuse. We have 3 children together, 2 still at home, and 1 moved to vegas to get away from him because he caused her to have a nervous breakdown and due him representing hmself,talking out of hamd interupting my lawyer in court, the judge not stopping it and my lawyer not defending me in court or showing any of the evidence i gave her to provide the court with that proved he was lying and due to the judge wanting ro go home because was the end of the court day, the judge did not allow me to defend myself and just decided his lies against me were valid and awarded him BACK in the home every other week with our kids, displacing me every other week as a result and with NO money for a roof over my head or anything else. I have been homeless now on the weeks i cant be home and its taking a toll on my physical health which i am now afraid will unfairly affect me caring for my children. Also the judge stated to us to keep his belongings downstairs since he made such a huge deal about sleeping on the couch and his stuff being downstairs as his reason he shpuld be allowed back in the home & mine upstairs in my room and he violated that as well, breaking my bedroom door and putting ALL his things in my room, and even sleeping in my bed now which he assaulted me in, which he hadnt sleep in since several months before assaulting me after me telling him we could no longer have sex after me finding.proof he contracted herpes and said nothing to me about it risking my health, so two weeks later he came home after partying and basically pinned me to the bed and raped me, he has violated the dvro numerous times as well and i am visibly ahaken whenever he is anywhere near me amd suffer from ptsd now. I would like to know what options i have to get the judge to at least hurry and order temporary emergency support so i am not homeless every other week and how can i prevent him from coming in my room and defacing my belongings when i am not there, which he has done in front of our kids mind you.any advice on what to do about this please?

#772505 - 09/12/16 12:48 PM Re: I have wrongfully been rendered homeless [Re: Lovingkindness]
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I just can't even comprehend this.... There is not any defined separation of thought, sentences or paragraphs. Maybe someone else can decipher this.

#772506 - 09/13/16 12:29 AM Re: I have wrongfully been rendered homeless [Re: mskelly]
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I apologize, i didnt realize there had to be a specific order when asking advice. So i just wrote what i have suffered and am going throughi will try to rewrite it from my laptop when i have time, i wrote it from my phone and it ran everything together. But hopefully from what you DO see in my post, you can gather at least an idea of the issues. There are ALOT and yes ,it IS very overwhelming and more than ANYONE should have to endure. But thank you


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