I am a disabled mother of 5 ,2 of which still.at home,am an only child both parents deceased and filed dvro and divorce, got lawyer who didnt file correct ppr wrk and did not defend me in court,the judge did not want to hear the case because was end of day and was annoyed wanted to go home so did not hear all facts and evidence, and lawyer didnt submit alot of wvidence i gave her which wouldve helped me, as a result i have no support order no resources and judge awarded him back in my home every other week, meaning i am homeless during the weeks he is allowed in the home.he has now broken property in my home and thrown some of my belongings away, one of my kids refuses to be there when he is there and the other one is peeing in the bed as a result of everything and is 12 yrs old. My next court date isnt until november 9th, and due to my condition (although it doesnt affect me caring for the kids) i can get worse very quickly i am a brain tumor survivor and have a debilitating bone disease. The judge didnt seem to care i was walking with cane and stated disabled, made her order and walked out. I was advised she did not come to court the next day as well. I have been wrongfully made homeless with no where to go and desparately need helo. All dv shelters i called are full . I am very scared and my ex is just laughing because he was able to abuse me, sexually assault me, verbally, mentally and emotionally abuse me and kids and was rewarded for it by being allowed back in the home, kicking me out every other week. He makes a 6 figure income and i have nothing, everything in the home either my mom gave me before she died and prior to marriage or i bought when i was stil able to work prior to marraige and is has ruined alot of 8t since court started or thrown stuff away. What help is there for me? I have filed numerous police reports and he has violated dvro numerous times. I dont know what else to do amd if this keeps up i will be too sick to keep caring for my kids. Please help.me and.my kids. We live in west san fernando valley thank you