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#772525 - 09/15/16 07:41 PM Medical expenses and reimbursement
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My soon to be ex carries our two children on her health insurance. My son went to the er and she sent me the medical claim bill. She has a HRA which paid for $425 of the bill and the total owed was $719. She says that I owe her half of the HRA and I have to pay all of the $719. She didn't come out of pocket for the $425 as her company paid it. Is she correct in saying I have to pay half of money she didn't pay?

#772526 - 09/16/16 10:58 AM Re: Medical expenses and reimbursement [Re: Ranjan]
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If there is no court order as to who pays, you owe half of $719, or $359.50. If you have a court order that says you must pay all medical bills, then you owe $719. You don't owe any of the $425.

#772527 - 09/19/16 04:50 PM Re: Medical expenses and reimbursement [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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It depends on what your court order states and how it is stated. Mine stated each was responsible for 50% of out of pocket not covered by insurance.

In your case, it's not Insurance, but an HRA which would still be the same scenario. The key being "out of pocket" If the HRA paid $425, that's not part of the out of pocket. You would not owe any part of the portion that the HRA paid.


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