I am divorced for almost five years and am having a rough time now. I spent all that time spending every possible moment I could with my children. there was never set days for me to see them. I spent a lot of time with my son, mall,movies or just going out to eat. My daughter was younger and I would take her all over. Sometimes I would drive for a hour in traffic and sit in a shopping center just so I could pick her up from cheer and have a ten minute drive home with her, I would than have to drive back with tears in my eyes. My son is now in college and my daughter drives so she doesn't need me.
during the five years I have cried my eyes out every night,I miss my old life so much and feel like I have lost everything. She has my house after 20 years of my hard work and investment. I still love my x and blame myself for every thing. I am so lost in life and dont know what to do with myself. Is anyone else feeling the same way. I only have two friends but they are both bust with their homes and families. I dont even feel right going over to see them because it makes me feel bad because I used to have all that stuff.
Its to the point that I really wish I would just die because I cant take the hurt anymore.