I know that in some states, "You may not file for divorce while your spouse is in a period of very ill mental health/not of current sound mind - (as deemed so by a court-accepted Psychiatrist).

In Miss., if my spouse of 16 years is currently Disabled (mental), and has been found by the jurisdiction's Chancery Court's Forensic Psychiatrist as being, (for a while before, and DURING the divorce "readiness", pre-procedures, AND divorce court), as being "Not of Sound Mind" (and not able to handle the pre-procedures, the contracts, court, everything), can I STILL file for divorce in Mississippi? Or, must I wait until spouse is better?

Thank you!

*(Spouse is not deemed "incurable" or insane. It's major depression, PTSD, OCD - all very common, and I was told that those do NOT equal the grounds for a divorce on basis of "Incurable Insanity.) :confused: