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#772605 - 09/29/16 10:14 PM Adultery as defense for divorce?
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My husband of 28 years recently admitted to a one-time sexual encounter with a woman he met on-line. I don't want a divorce. I love him and want to make our marriage work even though it's been rocky for several years now. Life happened. But this was a first for either of us. He no longer has any contact with this other woman and we are both seriously working to try me rebuild our marriage. My question is - if he decides in a few months or even a year or more down the road that he just doesn't want to continue our marriage, can I still file for divorce on grounds of adultery?

#772606 - 09/30/16 07:48 AM Re: Adultery as defense for divorce? [Re: Mikki]
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Probably not if you've known about the adultery and indicated an intention to reconcile anyway. But I'm pretty sure every state has a "no-fault" divorce option that doesn't require grounds other than "irreconcilable differences"

#772607 - 10/03/16 01:09 PM Re: Adultery as defense for divorce? [Re: Mikki]
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I agree with the previous poster.... The courts will see it as.... You knew about it and stayed with him, therefor you accepted it. No fault is usually the best and cheapest option if it is available in your state.


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