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#772611 - 10/04/16 01:14 AM Same-Sex Divorce
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Hi, everyone! My name is Aaron Hoy, and I'm a PhD student at Syracuse University, where I'm conducting one of the first research studies of same-sex divorce in the country. If you've been through or are currently undergoing divorce from a same-sex spouse, I'd be very interested in speaking with you. My goal is to help other scholars, policymakers, and service providers better understand what divorce is like for LGBT people. My research study has been approved by the Syracuse University Institutional Review Board, and your confidentiality will be protected. If you're interested in participating, please contact me, either through this website or via email ([email protected]). Interviews can take place in person, over the phone, or via Skype, and will last approximately one hour. Many participants have reported that the experience is therapeutic and/or cathartic.

Thank you, all, for letting me use this space to advertise my research study! I believe it is important and will help people who go through the process of a same-sex divorce.

#772612 - 10/05/16 04:51 PM Re: Same-Sex Divorce [Re: amhoy]
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Why should divorce for LGBT people be any different than it is for hetrosexual people...aren't they just the same?
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