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#772616 - 10/04/16 05:42 PM Child Support and Daycare
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Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out the "rules" regarding CS and daycare costs. Seems like most of my divorced friends split the daycare cost but my ex is stating that I'm 100% responsible for daycare costs. Is this the case? He also wants me to pay half of therapy appts (that aren't covered by insurance) for one of my kids.

He's very difficult to argue you with and has a bit of a temper so i want to make sure i know what i'm talking about before i approach him.

thank you!

#772617 - 10/05/16 12:58 PM Re: Child Support and Daycare [Re: solis]
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It will depend on what the divorce and child custody agreement states. It sounds like you haven't already started that process, I recommend you consult with an attorney and do so asap. If you want to split the day care expenses, then it will need to be included in the agreement. Which is the same thing regarding any other expenses for the child. Everything must be spelled out in the agreement. Out of pocket medical expenses (make sure you specify re: vision, dental, medical, prescription, psychological) also you need to address education related expenses re: private school and college. Car expenses should be addressed for the time that the child starts to drive.

Just my dos pesos..... Good Luck

#772618 - 10/05/16 08:28 PM Re: Child Support and Daycare [Re: mskelly]
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Texas requires parents to pay their own daycare. Medical varies greatly. As for college or driving, Texas does not address these issues.


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