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#772682 - 10/19/16 05:43 PM Child Exchange arangments-Florida
mikekowal Offline

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Hello, me and my Ex are divorced for almost 3 years now. We didn't specify much in our parenting schedule (most of it states "as we agree"..I know, not wise)
I have kids every other weekend.
Agreement for exchange was 50/50, ''you pick them up Friday I pick them up sun/Mon.'' Of course I'm the only one doing it.
I live 35 miles away from her house and she keeps telling me that I shouldn't move that far.
So, My question is, Is there a standard required distance that she can argue about (wasn't specified during divorce)?


#772683 - 10/20/16 06:19 AM Re: Child Exchange arangments-Florida [Re: mikekowal]
MinnesotaMom Offline

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It really depends on where you live. If in a rural area next to the freeway, this could be less than a 1 hour total drive. If on Hwy 5 in CA, this could be 6 hours.

#772684 - 10/20/16 03:17 PM Re: Child Exchange arangments-Florida [Re: MinnesotaMom]
TJMH Offline


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If it's not specified in your agreement there's probably nothing enforceable.

If it were me I'd just do the drive, chalk it up to karma with your ex and enjoy the extra drive time with the kids.

#772685 - 10/20/16 07:01 PM Re: Child Exchange arangments-Florida [Re: TJMH]
mikekowal Offline

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I live in Florida, It is 40 min drive.

#772686 - 11/03/16 11:52 AM Re: Child Exchange arangments-Florida [Re: mikekowal]
gr8Dad Offline
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So YOU do the pick ups on Friday. If she doesn't come get them on Sunday, that's on her.
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#772687 - 11/06/16 05:04 PM Re: Child Exchange arangments-Florida [Re: mikekowal]
youngatheart Offline
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My ex also moved away. His move, his expense and time to do the travel. Before that I did 1/2 or more of the driving, but I wasn't going to be out the money or time because of his choices.


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