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#772691 - 10/21/16 01:32 PM Co-Parenting nightmares
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I have been divorced for over 6 years now, and my ex husband and I can still not get along, and its making everyone miserable. I am not claiming to be the perfect parent, but I will say that I have completely taken the high road the entire time. My ex is the one that initiated the divorce, but for some reason he is still bitter and angry at me. He only communicates via text. He is verbally abusive towards me. He treats me as if I do not exist as a parent. At sporting events, he literally will not even say hello, or if I try to talk to him about the kids, he acts as if I'm not there. He seems to be angry because he has to pay me child support. He accuses me of using child support to support my "lifestyle" instead of going to the kids. I live in a condo, not a house. I live paycheck to paycheck and even with child support, he still makes more than 2x what I do. I put everything I have into bills and my kids. The only thing I do for myself is a monthly gym membership, which helps me reduce stress. I've asked him several times to sit down and discuss our issues so we can co-parent the kids, and do whats right. I want to be able to get along and show the kids that we can get along. Anyone have any advice on how to deal with someone like this? thank You

#772863 - 12/25/16 07:12 AM Re: Co-Parenting nightmares [Re: CopingMother]
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Have you ever tried counseling?
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