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#772698 - 10/23/16 10:29 PM Question about Mortgage
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Wondering if anyone had a similar situation. My mortgage is in my ex's name only, and he moved out in July (got arrested actually). He left me with many debts, and I am trying to keep up, but have fallen behind in my mortgage. I NEED to keep this house, as we have four children and can't afford to rent/wont move schools/etc. I am in contact with the mortgage company but no news right now. How can I get through this and keep the house? Being a teacher, I am unable to come up with the money to hire a lawyer, and I don't think he will either. He has paid me maybe a total of $400 since July, and most of that was for joint bills that I had already paid. He refuses to pay me anything else. I have been in contact for free legal help, but I do not qualify based on where I live. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

#772699 - 10/24/16 03:56 PM Re: Question about Mortgage [Re: dmk0808]
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You say "ex" so I assume your divorce is final. Who was awarded what in terms of the house in the property settlement? And what provisions were made for child support/spousal support?

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