So I have been divorced from my ex-husband since May of 2015. We share a 6 year old son together. We used to do the 2-2-3 schedule but then he decided that he didn't like all the exchanging so we agreed on 9 days with me followed by 5 days with Dad. Dad is remarried and has his new wife's 5 and 4 year old son living there. My ex husband also has two older children from his first marriage that I practically raised. They are now 13 and 10. They chose to stop going to his house after I left and he is not fighting to make them go. They do not speak to him. They spend time with me and new husband at our house in order to see my son (their brother). This 9 days/5 days schedule has worked out well. Although, I am not "allowed" to speak to my son while he is there. They say that he acts out when I do. They also say that it takes 3 days for him to transition his behavior at their house so the first 3 days are "hell." My problem is that the past two months when transition day comes after 9 days with me, I have to walk my son into school in tears on that morning and talk to his teacher to let her know whats going on. He says he doesn't want to go to dads, he doesn't care to see his dad, and he misses me. The whole 9 days he is with me, Dad never bothers to attend any function of his, never participates in his therapy (He has ADHD so that plays another factor in his behaviors/emotions. He never calls him to say hi. Dad also refuses to communicate with me unless its via email usually to tell me off about something. I have to do most communicating with the new wife who is a known pathological liar and very unreliable. Now dad says something needs to change as in the schedule. He has been pushing for a week on/week off for awhile but I have been resistant to that. 5 days is torture enough. I don't know what to do as far as making the schedule better for my son. I work every other weekend so that plays a factor in how we have been doing it. I don't know if going back to court is worth it or will change anything as I have always been told that a child his age cannot make that decision. I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I need advice please. I worry about my child's mental well being while he is there. Please help!

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