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#772741 - 11/14/16 03:51 PM Help on understanding a sudden decision
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Divorced nearly 8 months, but started over a year ago. After the divorce started, I became involved with another girl. We have some obstacles, she lives in another state, and she is nearly 20 years younger than me, neither of which has ever been an issue, she told me on many occasions the age never bothers her and she just felt we were so perfect for each other, we both have means to travel and that is not an issue, we both have kids which we have both met and both love, each of our kids has come to really like each other as well. We have been together for over a year and have traveled to see each other for weekends several times and have grown incredibly close. Talking marriage and kids, it was a very serious relationship, one that we were both so in love with each other. One morning,a day after we had completely professed love for each other and talked about possible wedding plans and kids, without any warning, she broke it off over a text message. I was going to spend thanksgiving with her and I even bought tickets to go that morning. I told her I was buying them and then sent her the itinerary and she said how excited she was and couldn't wait to spend the holiday with me. Now , she does suffer from acute anxiety which she admits to and is under medication for, she is not always good about taking her meds, but I also suspect possibly bipolar as well as maybe schizophrenia, the last 2 I am not sure, but talking to a professional about this sudden shift, this is what he believes, something built up and she had to switch channels, I'm looking to see if anyone else has any experience with something like this. We are still talking, and she says she does still love me.. but it's somewhat different, just doesn't seem like the same girl I fell in love with. She remembers us and our relationship, just seems incredibly distant.

Needless to say, I"m devastated, so I'm looking for some advice on what if anything anyone else has experienced with something like this.

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#772747 - 11/16/16 06:00 PM Re: Help on understanding a sudden decision [Re: Dnarc]
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I'd walk away. Any entanglements with this person have a likely disasterous ending, especially if you had a child together.


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