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#772743 - 11/16/16 12:56 PM Contemplating divorce - bank accounts
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I am married for seven years now, and thinking of filing for a divorce. My wife and I have a joint bank account and also individual accounts. My personal account was funded solely by a portion of my monthly paycheck. Over past couple of years I have withdrawn money from this personal account to spend and my wife doesn't know about this. Even though this sounds clandestine, I did not spend the money on any kind of extramarital affair but if these bank statements come up it will lead to all sorts of questions to which I don't have easy answers. Since I am a divorce newbie wondering how much of scrutiny a personal account is subject to during divorce. We do not have kids, and I am willing to split our assets equally. Appreciate any comments.

#772745 - 11/16/16 01:44 PM Re: Contemplating divorce - bank accounts [Re: Phantom]
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Your paycheck is marital funds so she's entitled to a share of the money in that account. You'll probably be required to each file financial disclosures and the account should be included in your disclosure. But all you really need to disclose is the amount of money currently in the account (the most recent statement, not all of the past statements)

If you think there will be uncomfortable questions about the account if you disclose it, imagine the kind of trouble when she finds out you tried to hide it.


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