I got a notice yesterday that I'm being audited for 2015 over the deduction I took for spousal support. Apparently the IRS has discovered that there are frequent discrepancies between what payers and recipients are reporting as deductions and income so they're upping enforcement.

I think I'm OK, since I have the court orders specifying spousal support (and there's no child support so no possibility of mischaracterizing). All spousal support for the year was paid by direct deposit to her account so my pay stubs document payments. But that also means I don't have cancelled checks made out to her that specifically say "for spousal support" on them so I'm a little concerned about that--if they ask me to prove that the account that I'm direct depositing to is hers I'm not sure how I'd do that. I included my ex's SSN on my tax return where I deducted spousal support as required, and I'm reasonably certain my ex reported exactly the same amount as income that I deducted. So I'm hoping this is just routine and goes away after I provide them the requested info.

I'm wondering if anyone else here has been audited over this and how it went?