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#772769 - 11/30/16 08:22 AM Requesting 50/50 custody change to full time
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I am a mother of 3 kids. Kids are 3,5,10 years old (boy, girl,girl). Divorce has been final for 1.5 years. Our original court order agreement is 50/50. This was originally agreed to by the father and I, the court didn't make us. However, over the last year this has been pure chaotic nightmare. The father is very manipulative, he does not stick to the agreed visitation schedule and often refuses to bring kids home. I have had to call the cops when he doesn't return them and he still refuses, cops can't make him open the door because it's a civil matter. Furthermore, he has nothing to do with our youngest and never wants him.

The father always leaves it up to the kids who they want to be with. He will have the kids call me crying they want to stay with him. And then becomes very verbally abusive towards me when I request them to come home as scheduled, saying I am forcing them.

I want to change the custody arrangement to be standard where they are with me mon-fri while school is in and rotate every other weekend (the typical arrangement). At least this way my kids can have some consistency.

I am by no means trying to keep kids from the father, hence I allowed 50/50 to begin with but it is just NOT working.

Father does not pay what he is suppose to pay in support and does not carry insurance on the kids which he is suppose to.

This is in Texas.

What are yalls thoughts on how the court will respond to my request? Do I have a chance here? I can not continue like this and it has to change. Thanks for any input.

#772770 - 12/01/16 05:27 AM Re: Requesting 50/50 custody change to full time [Re: Mom2017]
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You can have things legally clarified to stop or at least reduce the nonsense, but I don't see a case to change custody.


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