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#772773 - 12/02/16 09:45 AM Just don't know...
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To make a long story short, my wife and I have got into several arguments and recently nearly divorced. Besides some emotional abuse going on, she tactically used the fact that child support with be expensive for me and a few other things.

I'm here today to hopefully get some insight into what I need to watch out for. We have, again, agreed to try and make things work but this is probably not going to work. I work full time and she is a stay at home mom to our 10mo daughter. We have been married for roughly 2 years and she had one job for about 6mo leading up to the birth of our baby.

I simply wish to understand what I can do safeguard myself because she talked about alimony (we haven't been married long and she has a degree and could work easily) and how she will get almost a grand in child support.

#772779 - 12/03/16 03:29 AM Re: Just don't know... [Re: TotallyUnsure]
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Depending on the custody arrangement you arrive at you'll almost certainly wind up paying child support. In most states the amount is determined by a formula so there's not much room for argument.

Normally alimony is unlikely in a marriage that short, but if the court determines that your wife working would interfere with child care you could end up paying.


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