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#772764 - 11/26/16 12:04 AM screwed in cali
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Basicaly marry woman decides for money reasons she wants out after 10 years.
Big risk for working guy his whole life. Just like that they learn after their money s gone and secretly get in debt maybe not their fault, maybe they figured husband would give give give their savings. Point is after 10 their in debt broke old , yer just old, now after they get something off you they leave you. Now guy old self sufficient forced to look for a companion, never planned it, figured theyd be around big mistake.
A guy that saves works gets screwed then forced at ole age to look for new one hoping their self sufficient and just want an equal companion, lifes wonderful aint it?

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#772771 - 12/01/16 05:30 AM Re: screwed in cali [Re: devilio]
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I wouldn't recommend any person earn all the income nowadays in marraige; there's a 50/50 chance of financial carnage down the line.

#772785 - 12/04/16 04:54 PM Re: screwed in cali [Re: devilio]
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I was in reverse situation. I was looking for someone to share my life with, but he turned out to be very abusive and l left after 18 years of marriage. So what if l am older, l do deserve something after that. No, l would have never married him if l had known this.


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