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#749747 - 05/29/12 02:04 AM Is my attorney taking too long?
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This is the first time having to deal with an attorney. I signed a separation agreement that I am requesting through the courts. My attorney filed the paperwork and my husband obtained an attorney. The 30 days from being served his summons was Wednesday, May 23rd. My attorney's office called me and stated he needed an appointment with me. His secretary gave me his next available of Wed, May 30th. Am I being impatient or does my attorney seem non chalant about my case. I have called on other occations and have not got calls back and have had to call them again. The paralegal seems intelligent and she has answered questions for me.
I am just worried as my husband keeps telling me this is going to get very ugly. I do better when I know what to expect in this process. We filed an Divorce from bed and board. Any assistance would be greatly appeciated. We have 2 young children and I have been a self employed from home mother for 14 years/ married for 20. Thanks

#749748 - 05/29/12 03:05 AM Re: Is my attorney taking too long? [Re: chatty]
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Unfortunately proceedings in divorces move at a snails pace. The most common complaint is that lawyers dont return phone calls and are slow. My experience is that every step forward takes 30 days, and there are many steps if the divorce is acrimonious. You are just at the very beginning. Even without much drama you can expect the divorce to drag out for a year. And every time you call your lawyer you will be charged. So try to put all your questions and requests in one letter sent as an email attachment once every couple of weeks. Good luck to you.

#749749 - 07/22/15 11:39 PM Re: Is my attorney taking too long? [Re: Renny]
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I got a little dismayed with my lawyer at first when she wasn't very responsive to my email questions, etc. but I kind of came to realize that she's really just trying to be efficient and it saves me money. She's there to do the legal work I require, not to hold my hand. And you do need to recognize that in addition to consulting with his other clients he's also got court appearances to deal with and isn't entirely in control of his own schedule.

What I've found effective is when it's time to make a next step, I'll send an email laying out the issues to be discussed and then I'll call her office and set an appointment to talk to her. That's been working fairly well for me so far.

#749750 - 07/28/15 08:09 PM Re: Is my attorney taking too long? [Re: TJMH]
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Get a book about divorce procedures, or look online. The family court in your state might have information posted and so do lots of family law attorneys. Educate yourself so you have a general idea what to expect. That should help with some of the anxiety. If your husband acts on his threats and makes things getting ugly, that will make things go slower and cost more. Best of luck to you.

#749751 - 02/12/16 03:59 AM Re: Is my attorney taking too long? [Re: ShellyLoomus]
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Yes, get educated, know the exact steps needed for your divorce.l am on my fourth attorney because Calif attorneys take your money then represent your husband. One marriage agreement was so bad, l can't believe they let it leave the office. It was a Beverly Hills [censored], with a so called super lawyer who supposedly represents woman's rights. Knowledge is your best defense. No all the paperwork that needs to be filed.

#772796 - 12/07/16 05:38 AM Re: Is my attorney taking too long? [Re: chatty]
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That's more than nonchalant, it's unprofessional. Yes, it can be a lengthy process but that does not make communication any less important. Sounds you need a better lawyer!
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