What would be the criteria for a judge to sign off on a divorce grant it or to ask a marital settlement be modified befor he approves it ?
Arent the factors that may seem like an unfair agreement simply because the degree of emotion between spouses is widely varied ?
I mean say the spouse with less assets but still cares for the other doesn't want to say just try to get what they can cause of the bond that may continue even after divorce for instance?
I mean cause judge may not meet the two spouses cannot understand it may be reason the agreement doesn't seem fair?
Lets say the spouse were still emotionaly attached but felt being divorced a piece of paper doesn't convey emotion caring for the other may still exist. Maybe the spouse that ends up with less is cause they feel that the other saved and worked and never spent just stayed home and there for deserved the greater portion as most were separate property anyways and didn't want to fight him over it in court? Lotta factors on paper at first may not look fair but taken in the whole context seem ok?
Can I get any idea opinion or view of any of my inquirys id appreciate it