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#772813 - 12/12/16 09:59 AM Trying to figure this out..
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My wife and I are just beginning the road to divorce. We have one child, 9months old, and she has been a stay at home mom. I made very good money and we've been married since mid 2015. Her job history has always been poor and she does have a bachelors degree. By the calculation I used online, it shows I'd pay almost $800 a month?!

I have repeatedly asked to make things fair and do joint custody and she keeps trying to say it'll only be her having full custody because I work (I'm home Monday-Friday by 3:15). What should I expect from all this? I have a consultation with an attorney in a few days but want some advice or insight. I have a feeling she will attempt for alimony too but I'm not sure she would get it?

Edit: this is in Nebraska.

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#772814 - 12/13/16 02:29 AM Re: Trying to figure this out.. [Re: HopeItsFair]
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How long have you been married? This is the most important factor in alimony.

Nebraska is a state that assumes a majority of time be awarded to one parent. With that said, from what your wrote, it would be mostly likely have your ex as the primary parent. As for child support, it goes by a formula, which it appears you have already accessed.

#772830 - 12/16/16 10:39 AM Re: Trying to figure this out.. [Re: HopeItsFair]
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My attorney has instructed me differently and said NE courts have moved more towards shared custody arrangements? Her attorney told her not to get a job so she can get more child support and I'm assuming this and the proof of it, will hurt her in court. We have been married only a year and a half


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