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#772816 - 12/14/16 05:17 PM Spousal Support and Finances
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To all the members good day and apologies in the event this post if it is redundant,

We are conteplating divorce after 15 years, my wife does not work and I make 150K yearly,

She is highly educated and has the capability to work, all online tools that I am using ballpark they claim i need to provide around 55K a year to my wife, on top of that is the child support.

I net from the 150K around 100K net between taxes, 401K, insurances, Now if I provide 50K to my wife and then another 25K yearly to the kids, I am left with 25K ballpark.

To all the people out there, does this make sense? are those online tools very conservative? or biased?

Any help would be appreciated.

#772887 - 01/07/17 01:34 PM Re: Spousal Support and Finances [Re: ConcernedGguy]
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Child support will be calculated based on your state's guidelines. Spousal support is negotiable.

One thing that you will need to discuss with your attorney is imputing her income. In your pm, you stated that she didn't work for 11.5 years which is going to have an impact on how much is imputed to her.

Depending on your state, the amount of spousal support you pay will count as income to her when calculating child support.

Paying spousal support will also reduce your taxable income, when running your calculations, did you take that into consideration?

The one thing that I would do is put time limit on it. Aim for 1/3 the length of the marriage but do not agree to anything over 1/2 the length of the marriage.

#772905 - 01/12/17 01:12 PM Re: Spousal Support and Finances [Re: ConcernedGguy]
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How old are the kids and is there any possibility of her going back to work?
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