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#772844 - 12/21/16 12:34 AM Dependency or Lack There Of
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My siblings are 19 and still claimed by my mother. My father has decided to get my siblings to live with him by signing a paper that will effectively have them live with them when they are home from college thus not having to pay child support to my mother any longer. This has caused an upheaval in the family. Now, my father is trying to get child support from my mother who is not wealthy (my father is). Since my siblings are 19, can't they just say that they aren't dependent anymore to either of them to end this madness? Or do they need to file it through the court? I keep looking up emancipation and legal guardianship rules and everything says that the child is over 14, but doesn't say anything in regards to the child being of adult age. I'm trying to find a solution to this madness, but I'm at a loss. My siblings are still in college and need FAFSA? Ending dependency would obviously change this. Has anyone else gone through this? We are located in NYS so the divorce laws are different when it comes to child support and children. What are possible solutions?

#772849 - 12/23/16 12:08 PM Re: Dependency or Lack There Of [Re: 3rdpartypov]
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Your siblings can move back in with their mother and sign the same paper that their father had them sign.

They are 19 and can choose where they live.


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