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#772853 - 12/24/16 10:05 PM Broken hearted ,unwanted divorce
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Active duty husband announced a divorce on Dec 13th , 5 days before my birthday. Been married 5 years and he's had some issues with having a emotional affair 2 years ago. We moved overseas just over 2 years ago because he's active duty. That's when I saw a huge change in him. Classic signs of depression. He says that there is no fixing this, that he's done.I'm literally heart broken. We've fought a lot while being here. Idk what to do. He started saying awful things when he left me like he's never loved me ,I was a mistake etc. He even grabbed some cloths and moved to a supposed friends house. I was alone on my birthday and now christmas. All the friends I had here have shut me out because their husband's work with him and have taken his side. My only support is back in the states and it's going to take a couple months to even have the paperwork to move myself and household goods back to there. I can't stop going through a wheel of emotions, anger, sadness, hopelessness, grief nor can I control them. It just keeps spinning. I pray he will see the light and reconsider. He's refused to go to marriage counseling for 2 years and says now he won't go either because he's absolutely done with me. Idk what to Do. They say absence makes the heart grow founder but I've lost hope. He has just under 2 years left at this base before he either gets out or realists tongontonthe next base. I haven't been able to picture my life without him. I'm 29 he's 25. Sorry for the long post , I just need to vent.

#772858 - 12/25/16 12:20 AM Re: Broken hearted ,unwanted divorce [Re: Pinkstars87]
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Sorry you are going through this. The best advice I can offer is move on and let him go. Hanging on will serve no purpose and just make it more difficult for you. You can go to the base staff judge advocate or community service to get some assistance. You may have to picture your life without him. See a counselor, keep busy, seek out the church or anything else you can think of to take your mind off of this sad time. Things may change but once one partner says they want out, they usually mean it and all the false hope in the world will not change that. Good luck, didn't mean to be so gloom and doom but facing the truth may help.


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