The NCP's Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a light was turned on, no cookies left out.
No stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
And the place where the tree should have stood was left bare.
No children were sleeping upstairs in their beds,
They were elsewhere with Christmas dreams run through their head.
A lone, tired figure, who had spent the night weeping,
Was up in their bed, trying hard to be sleeping.
It was the first year, since the family dissolved,
And something was missing, and sadness evolved.
Oh, the children were safe, and would have Christmas cheer,
Just at another abode, with one parent this year.
These feelings ran amuck, and they instantly stirred,
When up on the roof, crunching boots could be heard.
The thoughts disappeared, and a fear did arise.
It couldn’t be Santa, with no kids to surprise.
The lonely, sole figure, silently slid down the steps,
And was shocked as Saint Nick, through the fireplace crept.
He looked just the same, as in past years he had,
But the sight of his frame, made the lonely one sad.
“Sorry Santa, I’m afraid, you have wasted a trip.
The kids aren’t here.” They said, losing their grip.
Tears from the joy, which they should have been feeling
Rolled down their face, and their head started reeling.
Santa instantly stood at their side, since he knew,
And said, “I am here, not for them, but for you.
I just left the house, and their gifts were a lot,
But a note in their Christmas list gave me a thought.
They wanted to make sure that this first Christmas year
That Daddy and Mommy both had Christmas cheer.
This tough separation has got them so scared,
So along with their presents, I answered their prayer.
I am here to assure you that you are adorn,
And the kids will be calling, first thing in the morn.”
In an instant the thought of the children’s sweet hearts,
Brought to mind that while not here, they still were a part,
Of the magic of Christmas that can’t go away,
And that Christmas is love, not a calendar day.
Seeing his trip wasn’t wasted at all,
St. Nick turned away, toward the fireplace wall.
He said, “Get a tree up, and clean up this flue,
And I’ll see ya next weekend, when the kids are with you”
And he rose up the chimney, leaving one heart so light,
That a Merry Christmas was assured, and to all a goodnight!

By Robert Barker

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