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#772884 - 01/07/17 01:47 AM Employee stock options
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My wife stated she wants a divorce, both have degrees and full time jobs, married less than 8 years,, demanding I transfer half the value of my employee stock account to her for transition. We live in a no fault state, wondering if this is a good idea to keep the peace if I have her sign a memorandum of understanding that the value transferred now would be considered in final asset distribution

Also, wondering about alimony....would there be any owed.....she makes half what I do

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No-fault has to do with grounds for divorce, not property division. What you need to determine if your state recognizes equitable distribution or community property. In any case, if the stock or options were acquired during the marriage she's probably entitled to a share.

You'll likely need more than a memorandum of understanding, you'll need an order of the court laying out the distribution of marital property (and debts). This may be a "stipulated judgment" where the two of you work out an agreement and the judge just signs off on it, or you may have to have the judge decide any issues you can't agree on.

Alimony probably depends on your state laws as well as the size of your salaries. If you make $100k and she makes $50k, you can probably expect alimony so she can continue at a similar standard of living. If you make $500k and she makes $250k, maybe not.

As far as keeping the peace, you shouldn't necessarily roll over but some of the best advice I got was if you're feeling like you're only getting a little bit screwed, you should just sign off and be satisfied.

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Another option is that if your divorce is uncontested you could have a paralegal prepare all of your documents for you at a much affordable rate. Property division could also be handled. Independent Degreed Paralegal, notary public and Member of the National Notary Association with experience in Family law, Real Estate Law and property division. I prepare uncontested divorce documents, QDROs, and division of IRAs. I have 100% acceptance rate with plan administrators. I am not an attorney, and therefore, cannot give legal advice. However, I can prepare the necessary documents along with the tax advantages/disadvantages and then allow you to decide which route you would like to take. Please see my LinkedIn page Flat fee for uncontested divorce document preparation $350. Flat fee for property division document preparation $350.


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