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#771819 - 05/23/16 03:09 PM Lost on what 2 do.
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She decided to walk out after 11 years stating I work to much.She has worked 9 months out of 11 years. Everything is peaceful between us right now, I owned my house before we met it was a gift from my dead mother. She had a daughter from a previous relationship and we have 2 sons. does she get my house?

#771820 - 05/23/16 04:05 PM Re: Lost on what 2 do. [Re: whatdoIdo2]
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Probably not, as long as you never put her name on the deed and haven't had a mortgage on it during the marriage. She may have a case for some equity value if you've paid for improvements out of marital funds.

#771821 - 05/24/16 10:50 PM Re: Lost on what 2 do. [Re: whatdoIdo2]
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No she shouldn't get your house as long as you prove that it was yours before the marriage and you didn't put her name on anything legally attached to it. She may as the other poster said have some rights to the value if it is sold or something. You will have to check with a lawyer, call around and get the free consult and write down your questions.

Your post is interesting...your wife left because you worked too much, yet other then being a SAHM she isn't employed outside the home. So when she leaves wonder what her plans are? How will she support herself? You worked too much to provide for her and the family and then she leaves. Maybe she should go to work so she can see how hard it is.

I wouldn't give her the house at all. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for you.

#772942 - 01/21/17 01:40 AM Re: Lost on what 2 do. [Re: whatdoIdo2]
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Worked only 9 months in 11 years? Does she plan to return to work after that?
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