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#773013 - 02/18/17 03:45 PM Visitation problem and safety issues
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Hi, I have a one year old with my soon to be ex husband. I moved back to my parents with the baby months ago and he visits on a weekly basis. He did not want to divorce. He thought I would "cool" my head and move back. That wouldn't be the case. Long story short, I am seeking full custody and he wouldn't like it. If granted, he only has visitation right which I can't and wouldn't deny. However, he lives 100 miles away and I don't want him to stay over at my parents' house. My parents actually made it clear that once the divorce proceeding starts, he can't come over because they are very worry about my ex would do something to hurt us when we are all asleep. Although I don't think he's capable of violence, I don't feel comfortable having him stay either. The problem is my son is so young. Where can my ex safely take the baby? He usually comes over after 7pm. The parks won't be a good location for them to hang out. He can't take the baby back to his house either since it's a long commute. Any suggestions?

#773018 - 02/22/17 05:47 AM Re: Visitation problem and safety issues [Re: yy15]
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You moved, you need to handle the transportation. YOU relocated and caused the distance, why it is HIS problem to find a place to stay?

And why not at HIS house in HIS town?
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#773019 - 02/22/17 08:48 PM Re: Visitation problem and safety issues [Re: yy15]
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How often do you visit with your son?

It's called parenting time.

Are you going to tell him the truth when he grows up that he had very limited parenting time because of 100% your choice? He will ask, you know.....they all do.


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