I'm about to file for divorce from my husband who now resides in CA. Initially we agreed on a break; but now this has turned into both of us mutually agreeing to a divorce.
Been married 7 years. Have 2 girls aged 5 and 2.
He doesn't have a job to support day care finances or after school pick up. I work FT.
I have no savings. He has continued to use the joint account even though there are no funds in it, currently is minus 24.
I have my own checking account.
He has the car, both financed under our names, BOTH cannot afford payments. He has registered the car in CA with my permission (signature on the DMV form). Has a balance of $8K

At this moment. financially, I can afford mortgage and bills and my own debt to pay. But struggling with day care for our 2 year old and after school care for 5 year old.

Any single working moms out there. What are your tips when about to file and still going through a process of a divorce?

What can I expect?

right now; I have a couple of concerns, When i sell the house, any profit will it have to be split 50/50?

Will I have to pay for his legal representation if I can't even afford my own legal representation?

If I file first, will he have to come to court here in TX? and worst case what happens if he doesn't show up?

so many what/if's and buts at this point. At least we agree on breaking up for good.

Not sure on custody. right now their in my care and he is no contributing anything towards them.