I am in the initial stages of divorce with an 18 month old. We will try to go uncontested. My STBX is a truck driver and barely home, so we both agree that I will have 100% custody and he will see our son whenever is in town, for about 3-4 hrs every 2-3 weeks. He doesnt want to keep him overnight, at least for now. Looking at the final decree, the standard visitation doesnt apply to us since he cant keep him 2 days every 2 weeks because he never knows when he is in town, plus he will be living in a room in a house with other people and not have his own place. He also cant keep him every other spring preak, Xmas, etc, since he will have to stay home with him during that time and not work. So I read that we have to have a mutual agreement done with a lawyer in place. Is that the case? I yet have to find a lawyer. Thank you!