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#773109 - 03/16/17 03:47 AM Ex-wife re-married now!
cupidsgym1 Offline

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My ex-wife had kept it secret since August of last year. Not even my daughter would tell me as I'm certain her mother told her not to tell me. Sick, how the ex burdens our daughter with her need for secrecy and control.
We never settled any of the divorce issues as of the court granting the permanent separation. Child support, spousal support and the house. It's been eight years and she hasn't made any attempt to tie up loose ends. Now she's married again. That must mean she can forget any spousal support, right? No? I've been paying child support from the beginning, although I can only guess what the proper sum should be; the ex has steadfastly refused to discuss her finances so we can do the formula for figuring out what my exact payment should be. I happen to know she has been earning money under the table with an at-home business and not been paying any taxes. But the house - what about settling on the house? Does the new husband automatically get a stake in the property she and I own?

#773112 - 03/19/17 12:21 AM Re: Ex-wife re-married now! [Re: cupidsgym1]
MinnesotaMom Offline

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This isn't all on's 1/2 your fault. Why haven't you hired an attorney and finished off the divorce business? You've also had 8 years to take care of things.

#773114 - 03/19/17 06:38 PM Re: Ex-wife re-married now! [Re: cupidsgym1]
TJMH Offline


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I don't know to what extent her share in the house will be considered community property in her new marriage, but it shouldn't impact you in any case. Her share of the value of the house is what it is, and the new spouse isn't on the title or the mortgage.

Spousal support should end with the remarriage, but it doesn't sound like you've had any court-ordered alimony. If you've been paying "infomal" spousal support you should stop, but you may not be able to recover anything you've paid since her marriage since it wasn't really alimony.

I agree with MM, it's high time you get all this cleaned up and you can force it via the court if you want to even if your ex isn't voluntarily cooperative.

#773678 - 06/18/17 11:51 AM Re: Ex-wife re-married now! [Re: TJMH]
cupidsgym1 Offline

Registered: 07/26/07
Posts: 77
I do have an attorney attending to the business of settling on the house finally. All I really need to know now is whether or not I would still be required to pay child support. Before you all get your panties in a wad, let me say I do acknowledge my duty to my daughter, our only child. I have been paying since we split and have been doing so of my own volition. The court never heard the case at all so I was never ORDERED to pay child support. But I do just the same and there IS a paper trail proving it. But let's assume the court did order it in the usual manner - now that my daughter has a new official provider, would the court absolve me of that responsibility? All I want to know is if I can start putting the money into an account in trust for her, controlled by me.


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