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#773126 - 03/23/17 05:55 PM Alimony and ssdi
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Hello, married 22 years and wife wanted to divorce even though I am on ssdi at only 1723 a month and her base salary is 62,000 and I live in Minnesota with that said what in your opinion would spousal maintenance be?

#773128 - 03/24/17 08:33 PM Re: Alimony and ssdi [Re: jughead]
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There is no formula in Minnesota for alimony. What does your attorney say?

You should get alimony and probably for a lifetime if your disability occurred while you have been married.

Only an attorney could give you an estimate on the dollar amount.

#773190 - 04/09/17 09:13 AM Re: Alimony and ssdi [Re: jughead]
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Thanks MimnesotaMom for answering the question and yes that sucks we have no set table and the thing is my attorney can not say simply cause they will not turn over items requested in the beginning and go to the point where she had to file a formal request for discovery and had pretrial hearing last week and even with whatever the judge signed telling us to 1. exchange whatever is not exchanged and 2. updated financials. Welp on the day of court last week she still didn't exchange NOR send in updated financials and her attorney, I think sent a para because after my attorney met with whoever my wife's attorney sent and had a 10 minute meeting she left the room I went back in and my attorney said I have an offer, and I was kinda dumbfounded and said well whatever it is the answer is no which she I think was hoping I would say cause then after I said no all of a sudden the person my wife was with said she was only authorized to make the offer that was given and then prior to going in for the actual hearing the judge met with my attorney and whoever was there for my wife and that lady had to tell the judge she wasn't authorized to do anything but the offer I rejected which of course was anything and not quite sure exactly what sanctions are but since she didn't provide anything at all I think she wasn't happy but I will never know and see it kills me cuz my wife isn't paying for her divorce her mommies rich husband is and I relly think they were thinking I would cave financially though I already have but yeah this disability started during the marriage but anyways thanks.


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