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#772485 - 09/08/16 03:01 PM How to pay for my kid's College during divorce?
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College costs can range anywhere from the price of a new car to the cost of a house. So, it's very valid if you been wondering how you're going to pay for your kid's college during divorce...

If you want to read more just click on

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#772486 - 09/14/16 03:13 PM Re: How to pay for my kid's College during divorce? [Re: lawkapin]
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there are no magic tricks you have to have the money...

#772487 - 09/17/16 01:04 AM Re: How to pay for my kid's College during divorce? [Re: shaybib]
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I took a look at this site. These saps want to make sure you hose your ex to the fullest for the kids's tuition. Their site should be called

#773127 - 03/24/17 03:53 AM Re: How to pay for my kid's College during divorce? [Re: lawkapin]
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Divorced parents who don't have an agreement in place can try to work out an agreement when the child is ready to attend college or take the matter to court. Depending on the laws of their state of residency, a judge will evaluate each parent's education level, available assets and income to determine if one or both parents will contribute.

Talking about finances can be a challenge for any couple, especially those going through a divorce. Still, it's important to discuss your child's education and work out an agreement that makes the best financial sense for your family. Get a head start on hashing out some of these issues during the divorce negotiations so you can plan and save for your child's college education as soon as possible.


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