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#773130 - 03/26/17 04:23 PM spousal support after remarriage
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Thank God for this awesome forum, I am in California
I was married for 25 years when one day he comes home and wants a divorce he cant do it any longer, leaving me with house to pay for and 2 kids to raise,,, I if I took spousal support ( which could have been ordered for life) but I took a 10 payout that also says it continues even if cohab or remarry, I took this as it was a larger monthly payment and could keep the kids in the house, I do also work.
my dilemma fast forward 5 years and I have mt someone in another state I met through a mutual friend about a year ago, I am planning on moving there and living with him as of now marriage? who knows lol
I am sure that as soon as ex gets wind of this he will quit paying the spousal support..
IT does say its good to such a date even if cohab or remarry.
MY question is what do I do when he stops the payments,, he has never missed a payment. Thank U for any help...

#773134 - 03/26/17 06:41 PM Re: spousal support after remarriage [Re: distorted]
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Are the kids still under 18 years old? That can be a problem when attempting to move them out of state.

If he doesn't pay his alimony, it becomes a court issue.

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#773136 - 03/26/17 09:44 PM Re: spousal support after remarriage [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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no they are both over 18.. the child support portion ends soon, but the future alimony is my concern,

#773143 - 03/28/17 01:05 PM Re: spousal support after remarriage [Re: distorted]
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If the settlement agreement says that he must continue to pay the same regardless of your cohabitation or remarriage and he stops paying he's in contempt of court. You can take him to court and they'll reiterate his obligation to pay. If he still doesn't there may be other legal ramifications for him.


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