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#773031 - 02/26/17 07:16 AM Wife and I really dont want to divorce but
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My wife of nearly four years filed for a divorce recently. I spoke with her and she told me she loves me but her parents are the ones who are pushing for it and paying for it. We have a nine year old daughter together as well. I mentioned to her that since we have a child and the fact she says the reason for the divorce is incompatibility that the court may make us seek counseling to see if we can reconcile our differences. She welcomed that advice and said we should push for it. The both of recently went thru some legal issues but that didn't cause any kind of split between us. I'm not even sure why they want us to divorce. At this present time we both are receiving help for our addiction and in our opinion we think it would help the both of us by having the others support.

#773033 - 02/26/17 06:23 PM Re: Wife and I really dont want to divorce but [Re: Bran20]
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Why are her parents involved? If both of you don't want to divorce, then maybe counseling might help. Good luck.

#773169 - 04/01/17 11:12 PM Re: Wife and I really dont want to divorce but [Re: Bran20]
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If you dont want divorce then fight for it, but there is no magic pill. You have to want it and take action to fix it. You owe to your child if nothing else.

Its blows my mind that your parents are driving this.
But it doubly blows my mind you don't know why they want it? That is bizarre. Do you really not know?

Could it have anything to do with their grandchild and both of you suffering from some kind of addiction? Maybe your parents think that your spouse is not healthy for you. You are an adult, have a marriage and a child but the fact you act like you have no say so about your marriage/divorce and have no clue why your parents want this so much makes me wonder about this addiction and the hold it has on you.

You both need to get that monkey off your back


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