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#773186 - 04/06/17 01:25 PM Out of state trip
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My daughter has filed for sole custody of my 9 month old grandson but does not have a court date yet. His father went to CA shortly after the child was born and completed his second rehab. They have never been married. He chose to stay in CA and has not provided anything, monetarily or otherwise, for support. The fathers mother and grandmother keep the child during the week while my daughter works. They announced they are taking the child to CA to see the the father. He is paying for their trip. We do not know where or how he lives or works, or if this stint in rehab was successful. I am concerned for the well being of this child and the peace of mind of my daughter. The fathers mother and grandmother are not forthcoming with information about the trip. What rights does my daughter have concerning this trip? Should it be allowed? She doesnt even know where her son will be. She is working and going to college and is providing sole support for her child.

#773188 - 04/08/17 11:33 AM Re: Out of state trip [Re: wanderoutdoors]
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Yes, she does know where her son will be when his grandparents are in CA visiting their son.

He will be with her. In the absence of a court order, the grandparents simply do not have the right to take her child out of state without her consent. The mother should not let the child out of state until there is a court order in place. It will make retrieving the child should the father refuse to return him easier.

#773406 - 05/07/17 12:53 PM Re: Out of state trip [Re: wanderoutdoors]
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So the grandparents are helping the mom watch the child while she works...but she doesn't TRUST them top watch the child?
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