Married 23 years I have been on STD/LTD since January 2015 still waiting for SSDI hearing and currently receive 20,200 a year and wife decided after 16 months of being on STD/LTD she decided she wanted out, sold house and was upside down. Judge had us do informal discovery exchange and this all began Sept 2016 and never turned over requested information, even after a formal request for discovery and even after pre trial order was signed by judge telling both of us to exchange requested items by March 24th 2017 as pretrial hearing was last Tuesday SHE STILL did not submit anything to my attorney and at the pretrial hearing her attornet did not show up and I believe sent a para as this woman was only allowed to make offer to my atty which I refused as the debt (3600 credit card debt) though marital is only in her name and I can prove no money was spent on me or for the house. Apparently her attorneys idea of discovery exchange was 1 piece of paper with a list of her debtors and amount owed with no actual documentation or statements and she offered to take credit card debt AND State and Federal tax debt maybe totaling 9,000 between the two. It blew my mind that we even went to pretrial I wish I would have known she still, even after being ordered to turn over whatever requested did not do by pretrial date as I at least would have asked my attorney why are we even having this when discovery wasn't gotten from her but I didn't and to me it was 4 hours wasted and see my soon to be ex's parents are paying for her divorce and it is funny her mother called me last summer asking why I needed an atty and why wouldn't I just sign them but see she at that time wanted me to take ALL tax debt and she would take the credit card debt BUT see when this all started I handed her the money to file for divorce and even asked her to do it that way and keep attorney's out of it and it would be easier on both of us but she instead kept half the money and had divorce papers mailed. See she simply wanted me to live in our house while she moved elsewhere but she had stopped paying the mortgage and we were 3 moths behind already and I said I will not live the way that you think we should and said let's sell the house then and that is when it became very real for her and I didn't get on my hands and knees and beg her not to do this but offered other alternatives like waiting til SSDI hearing is over but no she didn't want to do that and all I said was remember that you wanted this, not me and I don't think you know what really lies ahead and here we are to date. Have any other of you had intentional delays to avoid mediation? Also, since they didn't turn ANY thing over and it even states there will be monetary sanctions if either fail to do so my question is will the judge actually impose these sanctions as I was told she is a sympathetic judge which means nothing to me but to me it is a problem if the judge does not impose them and let's say she does not, can I ask why she is not? Last is the fact that Minnesota does not use ANY type of alimony calculator it seems to be at the opinion of the judge on if there should be any awarded. My disability is very well documented and I am not concerned about that at all THOUGH my question is will they make her pay alimony or is it taboo a man receive alimony? Thanks everyone and I apologize for the run on sentence and hope to hear a few opinions.