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#773278 - 04/25/17 02:04 PM Ex-wife Remarries, with a twist!
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I have been on a visitation schedule with my daughter, ordered by the court way back in 2007. Wife and I officially divorced in 2009. My daughter is sixteen now. She has a boyfriend. I haven't been permitted to meet this boyfriend as my daughter "deems it unnecessary" in the wisdom of her years, and her mother supports that position. The boyfriend, also sixteen, is your average hormone driven high school boy. I call him "the weasel."

So what? Well, it turns out that mom took a keen interest in dating the weasel's father. Right about the time my ex said SHE would deliver and pick up my daughter each weekend per visitation schedule, the four of them decided they were going to play house together at the weasel's father's residence, leaving our as yet undivided marital residence unoccupied. No wonder she didn't want me showing up to pick up my daughter. As I found out first hand, there was no one there to answer the door.

And then, the bombshell: my ex MARRIED my daughter's boyfriend's FATHER. Does that mean my daughter is "dating" (even at sixteen, we ALL know what THAT means) her step-brother? I mean, while mommy and daddy are in bed, just what do you imagine the kids are up to?

The whole thing is pretty twisted, the way I see it. There are issues of poor parenting going on here, issues of safety of my daughter left alone in the company of a horny little weasel and his adult father, both of whom I do not even know; what, if any, ramifications does this have on the division of the house I still co-own with the ex and has my ex forfeited her rights to alimony or any kind of spousal support as of having married a new provider, etc?

Could it get any weirder than this? Oh, yeah, but I don't even want to go there.

Any observations would be welcomed.

#773329 - 04/25/17 10:54 PM Re: Ex-wife Remarries, with a twist! [Re: cupidsgym1]
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You were divorced in 2009. What does it say about alimony? Have you been ordered to pay any all these years?

What does it say about home equity distribution?

#773332 - 04/26/17 06:56 PM Re: Ex-wife Remarries, with a twist! [Re: cupidsgym1]
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First the business stuff:

1. Typically state laws specify that remarriage permanently ends spousal support. But if you have court-ordered support and the order doesn't already specify that it terminates on remarriage of the receiver, you probably need to go back to court to get the order modified.

2. If you've been apart for 10 years and the home you still own together is unoccupied, it's time to clean that up and get rid of the entanglement. Either one of you should buy the other out or you should sell it and divide the proceeds. Divide it as specified by the court order, or if not addressed it's hard to go wrong with splitting it down the middle.

3. In my opinion the business stuff is a lot easier if you keep it separate from the personal stuff.

As for your ex's personal life, that's not any of your business so although it may but the sh*t our of you it's best to just leave it alone, I think.

Yes, your daughter is dating her step-brother and yes that seems creepy to most people. But as a practical matter they're not related by blood, and if it wasn't him it would probably be some other horny little weasel, and not living in the same house wouldn't be much of an impediment if they were both willing. Lots of dads, married or divorced, have to deal with their sixteen year old daughters becoming sexually active, not infrequently with boys that Dad considers inappropriate. Just try to be a good dad and ride it out.


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