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#773330 - 04/26/17 12:21 AM Ex wife wants money from sell of house after 6 yrs
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My ex wife and I divorced in 2011. In the divorce she gave up all rights to the house we bought together in 2006. The are no clauses or statements regarding the house other than she gives up all rights to it (also, she's the one who had the divorce drawn up) When we bought the house we only use my name on the mortgage and we both are on the deed. Neither of us ever thought to get her name removed from the deed and now that I have to sell the house to relocate for a job, she wants half of whatever I make from the sell or she will not sign for the sell. How can I get her name off the deed or is there a way around it or does it even matter???

#773333 - 04/26/17 07:03 PM Re: Ex wife wants money from sell of house after 6 yrs [Re: imlost43]
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Should have had the divorce decree require her to do a quitclaim deed but it's too late for that now.

Probably best to talk to a real estate lawyer who can evaluate what the divorce order says and let you know what your options are. You can probably get an order for partition that would enable you to sell the house. But even then as official co-deedholder she'd probably be due half the proceeds.

Best thing might be to let her know you have legal options you can pursue but offer her something (not half) to go away.


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