My fiancée is dealing with a very unstable woman, and it is having a negative effect on their 5 yo daughter.

Mother is primary parent, but has moved the child to several different schools over the last year due to her changing relationship status. Today, she is in the hospital after calling several times after midnight last night to tell the father she hates him, and texting a picture of herself in the bathtub with blood in the water.

The child was in school #1 for pre-K last year. She was moved to school #2 in another town for the beginning of K and was put in after-care with infants after her mother moved in with her boyfriend. The mother broke up with her boyfriend just 1 mo later, got her own apartment in a different town, and switched the child to school #3. After another month, the mother moved back in with the boyfriend, and changed the child's school back to school #2. Another month later, the mother asked for a divorce but was told by the supposed husband that he never filed the marriage paperwork so they aren't technically married. Mother then moves in with her mother and changes the child to school #4 in another town. The child is now having attention issues in school and the mother claims that the daughter goes to sleep at 6pm because she is so exhausted from school. However, when the child visits her father, she is a bundle of energy and doesn't want to go to sleep until around 9. The mother is now saying she loves her husband and will be building a house with him and pursuing their marriage...all while she is texting the father and telling him that she hates him, calling him all kinds of awful names, and withholding visitation from the father based on her mood.

The mother has divulged to the father that the boyfriend was verbally abusive to her, but never to the child. The mother claims that the boyfriend forced her to get an Order of Protection against the father and to lie in court to satisfy the boyfriend.

Now what? My fiancée can't afford thousands of dollars for a lawyer, but he is worried that his daughter is being negatively impacted by the mothers unstable behavior. He only gets 240 days with his daughter per year, but is willing to fight for full custody to ensure her health, well-being, and safety.

Does anyone out there have any advice? We are at a loss about what to do and feel helpless...........