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#773392 - 05/04/17 10:40 PM Please someone advise me on what to do
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Ok so I'm going to very real and blunt with you all because I need advice (not beat down for stupid decisions) here it and my husband got married in Sept of 2014, which was a mistake on both parts considering our circumstances at that time. But less than a year later (May 2015) we both went to jail (nevermind the charges). I got out in Aug 2015 and went to a rehab in GA from Oct 2015 to Dec 2016 but after I graduated they had a residential place there for graduates that you could live on property still which I did until the last week of April and then decided to move back home to TN. Now, I haven't spoke to my husband except for one time since I was released from jail in Aug 2015. I couldn't really tell you what he has been up to, although I know it hasn't been good because he is currently sitting in jail in TN, for what, I'm not sure. I am wanting to file for divorce and even though I haven't spoke to him about it, I don't believe he will contest it. We have no kids together, no property, there isn't really anything to fight over in the divorce. I just don't know where to start with all this because this is my first time ever doing this and I don't really have the money to afford a lawyer. So if anyone has any advice for what I need to do or how I should go about this, please let me know.

#773394 - 05/05/17 01:19 AM Re: Please someone advise me on what to do [Re: Carey]
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There are documents online on how to divorce if you simply google: how to initiate divorce in TN

#773396 - 05/05/17 02:20 PM Re: Please someone advise me on what to do [Re: Carey]
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There may be assistance and advice available from your local family law court--you can check at your local courthouse and see what's offered.


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