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#262021 - 07/29/07 12:06 AM collecting child support
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Does anyone know of any other advocacy, referral service or resources other than CSE to help collect child support? CSE basically told me that since I wasn't a low income person I wouldn't take priority. Can't afford a lawyer with 3 kids. There is an income assignment but my ex has not signed it yet and support is sporatic. Some months he'll pay the full court ordered amount, other months not.

#262022 - 07/31/07 11:58 PM Re: collecting child support [Re: bumpkin]
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Why would he have to sign it? You can get the form online and submit it to the court and, if approved, mail it to his employer. You don't need his permission for it.

#773386 - 05/03/17 10:04 PM Re: collecting child support [Re: bumpkin]
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I've got a follow up question with this issue. You mentioned that after you submit the documents to the court "if approved, mail it to the employer". JDF 1804 and JDF 1805 do not state that these forms must be approved before sending them. Is this standard practice?
Should I wait until the court replies to me or notifies me in any way before sending these forms?

Also, Can I send these forms to an employer in another state (i.e. Florida)?

#773397 - 05/05/17 08:09 PM Re: collecting child support [Re: bumpkin]
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You replied to a post that is 10 years old. I doubt you will get any response.


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