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#773421 - 05/10/17 05:17 PM Should I reopen my settlement?
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Ex and I settled last September, and I had to pay him a buyout in exchange for no maintenance/spousal support. Throughout our 10 year marriage, he changed jobs 11 times (voluntarily) so I was always the stable one who made a lot more. He claimed to be unemployed throughout the entire court case, which lasted over a year - on his financial disclosure sheet, he did not list any income.

Now, months later I've come to discover he was running a business that was registered under his sister's name for most of the year. He didn't take any income from the business during that year. However, early this year he got a very large lump sum from his sister when they sold the business. It was clearly planned as a way to hide income/assets. But they were smart about it - everything was under the sisters name, no money exchanged hands until the settlement was finalized. So will a judge see through this? Should I reopen things to fight this? Or do I just have to accept he's an asshole and suck it up? I don't want any of the business money but I would like the buyout amount I gave to him back.

#773423 - 05/10/17 05:38 PM Re: Should I reopen my settlement? [Re: Sad Divorcee]
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What you propose would cost alot of money (I would estimate $15K with an attorney and forensic accountant) and the success rate would more than likely be low.


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