Hi all :)

I have a weird question but don't know where else to ask. I've been divorced for about five years now. My focus is on my children and frankly, dating is not at all what I want...been there done that. I live in south Johnson County so hopefully that gives someone a reference point. Anyway, I am wanting to know if any WOMEN know of or have a male masseuse that can do home appointments. If I am being frank, I would like an attractive one but I am not implying this is a sexual thing. I just like the touch of an attractive man like most women. I already get a weekly massage at Massage Heights which is fine, but Sarah wouldn't be as relaxing as Fabio lol. I'd prefer someone who is professional but knows how to treat a woman. I'm not looking for a wink wink massage. It would be nice to have my own personal masseuse who I trust and who is easy on the eyes lol.

And before someone asks why I haven't tried Craigslist or something like that, I have skimmed through. Most of the men are not what I'm looking for in appearance or they strongly suggest that they are going to try and do something sexual. No thanks, creeps.