I have owned my home since 1999 and it was paid off in 2010. I remarried in 2014. My 2nd hub and I have had a rather volitile relationship to point which he wanted to divorce me in April of 2016. Since then we reconciled and I added him onto the deed to the house so he would feel more secure. Plus I really thought we were going to grow old & gray together. Well, that's not happening and now I am ready to file.

I sought an attorney's consult this week. First she said that since he has walked out on Sunday 5/21/17 that it would be considered his move out date. He hasn't taken much clothes or other things that belong to him like all his workshop tools. Second, she said even though I added him onto the deed that he does not have 50% ownership of this house. Rather, he would be entitled to 50% of the equity gained on the home since we were married in 2014. I wonder if this is true? I am very concerned about losing my home because I still have a minor child and a college student living here and I would be devastated to have to sell this house. It is all I have that I truly own. Well, I do own my car outright, but I really don't have much else.