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#773433 - 05/12/17 06:38 PM Is it too late to turn back time?
turnbacktime Offline
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We have been married for less than 4 years.. I love her very much but I believe she is mentally/verbally abusive. We have been struggling and I know it isn't all her fault. We are a blended family with 5 kids. Her 3 kids are younger but EXTREMELY disrespectful and mouth off constantly. 75% of the time she doesn't say anything. It is really hard to deal with them. When she gets mad and we argue she says things like.. "you are worthless, you're pathetic, everyone hates, you're an embarrassment, you disgust me, no one would miss you, I F'n hate you, You don't matter to anyone" There are many more things she has said and a lot of times she says the stuff in front of the kids. She constantly belittles me in front of the kids and of course she is controlling and NEVER wrong. I get up at 5:30am and don't get home from work until 4:15pm. She doesn't work but yet always says I'm lazy.. But I come home most of the time from work and I have to cook dinner. I really love the girl but it's tough when she says the things she does about me and my kids. On top of dealing with my ex who assaulted my daughter while together with my current wife, her ex husband going to jail.. I mean it's like a jerry springer show! So that stress doesn't help matters :(
I just don't want my life to only be this.. she won't go to counseling cause "there is nothing a counselor can tell me that I don't already know" I just don't know what to do..

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#773434 - 05/13/17 07:53 AM Re: Is it too late to turn back time? [Re: turnbacktime]
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Run as fast as you can. I would never stay in an abusive relationship. Don't kid yourself. Your wife is an abuser.

#773436 - 05/13/17 02:32 PM Re: Is it too late to turn back time? [Re: turnbacktime]
matilda Offline

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You need to go to an attorney and get a free consultation. You need to realize that the longer you stay in this relationship the more you have to lose. Once you get more information you will hopefully have a better understanding of what you need to do. If you continue this marriage you will be paying spousal support for a longer period of time because she isn't working.

#773644 - 06/04/17 10:13 PM Re: Is it too late to turn back time? [Re: turnbacktime]
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If someone talks like that to you, I would find someone else. You might love her, but it seems she doesn't know how to love you. It's not worth being in an abusive relationship. You do all the work and she is just using you. Like Matilda says, get an attorney and assess what it would take to leave.
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#773660 - 06/11/17 02:00 AM THE TESTIMONY ON HOW I GET MY HUSBAND BACK [Re: turnbacktime]
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