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#745759 - 10/08/16 05:14 AM Re: Kids and Cell Phone from Ex [Re: lieslws]
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Sometimes a bad parent will use the cell phone to stir up trouble during the other parent's time (we have such a case on another thread). If that is the case, a parent DOES indeed have the right to limit contact on their time.
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#745760 - 10/10/16 12:04 PM Re: Kids and Cell Phone from Ex [Re: lieslws]
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lieslws look at the original date of this post.... It is a very old post.

#773631 - 05/31/17 03:58 PM Re: Kids and Cell Phone from Ex [Re: farmdwg]
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Responding from the other side. My kids are 7, 10, 12. I tried the call the home thing which is fine if they were home 24X7 they are not. Much more importantly I got them a phone so we could facetime. Furthermore when I used to leave a message on the home phone my ex would tell the kids that they had to call dad back which made it a chore, not a joy.

If she wants to be involved it's in their best interest, they are kids and they love both of their parents!

#773659 - 06/10/17 10:33 PM Re: Kids and Cell Phone from Ex [Re: farmdwg]
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I can see where you might have a concern. Personally I would take this as a chance for the ex to use the situation to give kids instant access if they are ever unhappy. Perhaps she even told them to call her from YOUR house when they are, further giving her a reason to use something against you. However...

Use this as a positive opportunity. If they call their mom after you guys have had some great fun time together, why not have them tell her? In my own situation, I've learned that their mom questions them relentlessly after being in my home. They don't have a cell phone, but it's ridiculous. When they're with me, she calls DAILY for updates, even though she's never had a reason to be concerned when their with me. At first it was irritating, but then I thought, okay...go ahead and call. When she would ask how they were doing, they would respond with how much fun they were having, or how good they were doing. After a while I noticed the calls stopped coming in on a daily basis. Just an idea :)
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#773661 - 06/11/17 09:08 AM THE DESTINY OF YOUR MARRIAGE IS IN YOUR HANDS [Re: farmdwg]
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