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#773763 - 06/30/17 03:15 PM How to get children in same state
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Father had to move to Washington for work. Mother is still with children in California and is in process of moving up. Father wants to divorce mother but is torn. Does he let her move up and then tell her so that his kids are in the same state? Does he tell her before and risk that she won't move? What options does he have? What laws help him have the children? He is the only working parent. I have heard that California laws lean towards giving mother full custody. Please help! Father wants 50/50 custody or at least most time possible with kids but doesn't want to trick or trap the mother into moving to a new state without her friends and family when he already knows he wants to divorce. She suspects but he hasn't told her definitively yet for the fear of losing the kids - wants a solid game plan first.

#773764 - 06/30/17 03:50 PM Re: How to get children in same state [Re: Igotquestions]
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he needs to see laws in washington state.
laws on divorce, community property, child custody, child support, spousal support/alimony.
then go from there.

i will say most states require you be a resident for 6mo-1 yr before filing.

does he think just because he makes all the money he would automatically get kids?
because in most places that is not a factor.
i had never worked for 12 years. i got a job 2 months before filing for divorce and i made just above minimum wage(not a lot for myself and 2 kids). my ex husband made over $115,000/year. i got primary custody.

a parent being homeless, addict, mental issues...those might sway faster before money.


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