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#773685 - 06/19/17 07:22 PM First and hopefully last
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Hello, I'm new to the forum and very surprised to be here. My wife and I (together for 15 years, married for 2) have decided to part. I'm here because searching the interwebs for help with our situation yielded me nothing. The issue is my wife wants nothing from our assets. Doesn't want me to sell our house. Wont accept one of our vehicles. Barely let me even bring up splitting my savings with her. She wants a "new start, with absolutely nothing of mine/ours." her words.

A part of me feels like not looking a gift horse in the mouth but another part of me feels guilty. Since we've been together she has not made much money. I paid for the downpayment on our house and sank ~20k into it over the past few years. I started saving money for both of us. The car she drives was mine before we married. She has not given me much money over the years to pay for the mortgage, bills etc. This is her reasoning for not wanting things she feels is rightfully mine. We've never combined accounts or anything. She wants to sign her name off of our mortgage. When I forced the car on her free and clear she refused. When I said I would just sell it and send her a check she said she would return the letter. I don't want to lose the house because I've put so much into it but would sell it to split assets if she needed or wanted something from it. this is extremely confusing for me and I'm not sure what to do to make her OK or to not feel guilty about what will happen to her. She is extremely independent and strong willed. This probably sounds like an initial response in the heat of the moment but I assure you. This is exactly how she wants things. Any tips or constructive comments are appreciated.

#773802 - 07/07/17 09:17 PM Re: First and hopefully last [Re: Denverado]
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