Trying to find a family law lawyer in Rock Island County, IL.

I live in Florida, and received a notice of garnishment a few days ago stating that I owe Illinois interest on a child support case that was closed by the state in August 2016 upon reaching emancipation.

Not provided any information on how this interest was calculated only told to refer to Public Act 098-0563 which was I acted in 2013.

Not sure how laws are back dated or how the state can wait to inform me after they have begun garnishment 10 months after acknowledging closure. Meaning, this "interest" was never calculated into the court order prior to emancipation.

Also notified that this monthly payment which is greater than the original actual child support will accrue interest on top of the interest.

So in other words, if I don't pay one lump sum this will never end.

This is not arrears. There was an arrears total at one point that was satisfied in full back in 2006, 11 years ago.